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Give under-privileged children in Peru a home and a future
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donation with a special purpose

You can become a donor from just €7.50 a month and you will be contributing to a better future for our rainbow children in Peru.
  • Help a child: for €7.50 a month you can help a child gain a high-quality education, medical care and nutrition.
  • Medical care: for €12.50 a month you will be contributing to the ‘healthy family’ programme, which consists of integral medical and social care, and twice-weekly help for families living in extremely poor conditions in the area around Urubamba.
  • Vocational training: for €20 a month you will be helping a young adult follow middle vocational training (CETPRO). In two years, the student will gain a state-accredited qualification in ICT, hotel and catering, and reception. This way the chance of an independent future for the student will increase.

U kunt ook heel gericht een onderwerp of een artikel kiezen om te doneren. We hebben nog wat mogelijkheden op een rij gezet.

Ensure that the poverty-stricken children in Peru get the education they deserve

Article Amount per month
Exercise books, text books and writing materials € 39
Cloths and fabrics, corks and other materials for workshops € 53

etenendrinkenFood and drink

It’s difficult to learn if your attention is focused on your empty stomach. That’s why we make sure the children always get good healthy meals. And of course at the end of the school day they get to take a bag of food home with them.

Article Amount per month
Vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots € 921
Fruit € 97
Butter, cheese and eggs €144
Meat and fish € 230
Pasta €129

Essential things that children learn here is how to brush their teeth and how to wash themselves. The parents also learn all about personal hygiene.
Article Amount per month
Toothbrushes €79
Soap € 53
Toilet paper €53
Hand towels € 31
Cleaning materials €92

Medical practice

The medical and dentist’s practices provide free healthcare for the local population. Help to make this possible for the doctor and dentist to carry on doing their good work.
Article Amount per month
Medicines €395
Dentist’s materials € 263

Gas, water and lighting
It sounds so normal: gas, water and lighting.
It’s something you don’t think twice about, but they do in Peru. Because the bills need to be paid every month.

Article Amount per month
Gas (kitchen) €329
Lighting € 211
Water €211

How does it all work? 
If you prefer to specify where your donation goes yourself, just tell us. Either send an email to or mention what you want us to do with your donation in the description part of the bank transfer.
Give under-privileged children in Peru a home and a future
Support us

Kuychi Foundation

The Dutch Kuychi Foundation gives financial assistance to the Fundaçion Niños del Arco Iris in Peru, that provides education and medical care to the very poor.

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Every single euro goes to the project in Peru, without any deductions!

The Kuychi Foundation is an acknowledged charity..
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